Advantages of utilizing automated open item clearing with BEST

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Accelerated period-end closing cycles
  • Clear visibility into unreconciled items
  • Decreased exposure to compliance risks

Features of the open item clearing module

Tailor your processes, benefit from an intuitive interface, and seamlessly integrate external data, enabling you to streamline open item clearing.

Tailored clearing rules

Establish adaptable criteria for clearing that precisely mirror your business processes.

User-friendly interface

Easily adjust references, search fields, and group items for streamlined open item clearing.

Intercompany clearing

Automate matching and clearing across different company codes, such as for intercompany trade.

Inter-account clearing

Automate matching and clearing across different General Ledger accounts, for example, interface accounts from retail, payroll, and other external systems.

Clearing Requirements Standard SAP BEST
Same company & same account & same field & exact reference
Auto clearing
Not required as done by standard SAP
Across different company codes
Manual clearing
Auto clearing
Across different GL accounts / customer / vendors
Manual clearing
Auto clearing
Across different fields
Manual clearing
Auto clearing
Matching rules
Manual clearing or user exit programming
Auto clearing

Open Item Clearing Module

How it works

The open item clearing functionality automatically matches and clears open items based on user-defined criteria for any account field.

Standard SAP lacks the capability for automated clearing across different company codes or General Ledger accounts. BEST, however, enables automatic matching and clearing across companies and accounts, leading to notable operational efficiencies.

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