Advantages of Automated Reconciliation with BEST Vendor Reconciliation Module

  • 95%+ Statement Matching Rates
  • Full Visibility into Accounts Payable
  • Consistently Compliant and Audit-Ready
  • Enhanced Cash Flow Control
  • Real-Time Accuracy
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Vendor Reconciliation Module Features

Enhance efficiency, ensure consistency, and boost performance while reducing miscommunication in your accounts payable statement reconciliation processes.

Smart Automation

Utilizes advanced technology for seamless matching and reconciliation of vendor statements.

Instant Visibility

Stay informed about your payables status at any given moment.

SAP Integration

Operates seamlessly within your current SAP environment, ensuring streamlined workflows.

BEST significantly enhances efficiency and cash flow management.


All statement formats

Load into SAP / Store in SAP


Recons Report

Sent to vendors

Vendor Reconciliation Module

How it works

The vendor reconciliation module by BEST empowers you to manage the complete vendor reconciliation process within SAP. You can utilize standard SAP authorizations and system audit trails, track statement matching rates, and compute vendor accruals and provisions.

BEST also offers the capability to block invoices for payment if they are not listed on the supplier statement and adjust your payment terms according to the statement date.

Our vendor reconciliation module matches transactions all the way through the procurement chain, including parked, held, Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt (GR/IR), and even Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) tools like OpenText, ReadSoft, eFlow, and others.

BEST collaborates seamlessly with the vendor statement reader or BEST's statement portal to automatically handle all formats in which creditors' statements are received: paper, Excel, PDFs, and more.

Vendor Reconciliation Module

Vendor statement reader


Automatically scans emails


Statement uploaded into SAP


Statement matched to SAP


Report is immediately available

Vendor Reconciliation Module

Vendor statement reader

Automate the manual process of importing vendor statements into SAP. Experience increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

  • Accepts vendor statements in any format – PDFs, Excel, email, paper, scans. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine seamlessly extracts key data.
  • Plug-and-play integration with your SAP system. Specifically configured for supplier statements.
  • Automated vendor matching in SAP produces reconciliation reports.
  • User cockpit manages exceptions and re-processes incomplete statements.
  • Supports standard SAP functionality like EDI, Excel/text uploads, copy and capture.

Vendor statements

Statements emailed as PDF or Excel

BEST statement reader

Load into SAP

SAP content server

Load into SAP

SAP system

Statement matching, reconciliations, approvals, and management reporting conducted directly within SAP.

Advantages of BEST Modules

Time and Cost Savings

  • Decrease reconciliation time by up to 90%.
  • Allocate skilled finance resources to high-risk areas and resolution, optimizing efficiency.

Operational Efficiencies

  • Achieve 95%+ automated matching rate.
  • Customize SAP approval mechanisms for effective high-risk area management.
  • Efficiently handle month-end tasks with comprehensive control reports, identifying and resolving anomalies.

Standardization and Compliance

  • Standardize operations across business units to facilitate a structured SAP month-end close.
  • Guarantee compliance and absolute accuracy with comprehensive audit trails and approval histories accessible to internal and external stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Archive all reconciliations within SAP, facilitating convenient access to historical data.
  • Authorize reconciliations online within SAP, minimizing reliance on paper, reducing environmental footprint, and supporting Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

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