SAP Upgrades & Migrations

Our functional and technical consultants have vast experience in SAP upgrades and migrations. They can help in making sure your upgrade or migration runs as smooth as possible. Our consultants support remediation of the custom code and also testing the solution in upgraded/migrated environment.

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  • Technical upgrades(Release or Support pack)
  • Functional upgrades


  • RISE Migration
  • Migration of SAP landscape to any cloud platform(AWS or Azure)
  • HANA DB Migration
  • S/4 Migration

As far as S/4 migration or HANA DB migration is concerned, We can do following activities using readymade tools we have and provided by SAP in order to identify the complexity of your migration.

  • Running ATC checks to identify the objects need code adaptation
  • Review Simplification Items
  • Analyse your existing custom objects
  • SPDD/SPAU Remediation Analysis
  • Unicode conversion requirements based on your existing SAP and NetWeaver components version
  • Interfaces Analysis
  • Fiori app enablement requirements
  • Basis/Infrastructure analysis
  • Finalizing the efforts considering Functional/Technical and Testing efforts(Considering use of ADT quick fix functionality)

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